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Booking Management Software For Water Sports Rentals

Do you own water sports rentals? Are you wondering if you need booking management software?Then this article is for you because we've summed up the benefits of booking management software.Benefits of a booking management software for water sports rentals Spend less time setting up your website Don't wait for travelers to pass by your water…

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booking management software for water sports rentals

Do you own water sports rentals? Are you wondering if you need booking management software?
Then this article is for you because we’ve summed up the benefits of booking management software.
Benefits of a booking management software for water sports rentals

Spend less time setting up your website

Don’t wait for travelers to pass by your water sports kiosk.
Leverage the power of having your website because 1/3 of travelers use their mobile phones to search and book activities once they arrive at their destination.
More and more travelers are using Google search for experience providers before making a buying decision. That’s why caring about your content and the digital presentation of your services helps you enhance your company’s digital profile and achieve more conversions.
Are you worried that setting up your website is difficult? Fret not! You can rely on our team for help!

Real-time availability

Most travelers will be looking for what activities they could do after arriving at their destination.
However, it is not always easy to turn google searches for “water sports rentals” into online bookings.
Guide your customers through your website and help them learn more about your services. Make their planning easier! Make sure you display your offers and availability calendar connected with the available equipment and instructors. Customers love knowing more about the experience they are trying to book.
So be honest with your messaging and keep your availability updated.

Receive bookings and payments from everywhere

Imagine a family from Spain planning to visit your area and already knowing about your SUP lessons, scuba classes, or kite surfing sessions.
Now picture the same family booking directly for your services.
On top of that, imagine getting paid in advance either the total amount or an up-front partial payment!
This way, you avoid any no-shows, and your customers know that they won’t miss their excellent experience, nor wait in lines!

Organize equipment & operators for water sports rentals

Keeping the availability of your equipment, instructors, and operators up to date isn’t easy.
With Kleesto’s booking management software for water sports rentals, you can link equipment and personnel to the related water sports activity and automate notifications and availability updates.
Now you can easily handle the highest workloads even in the busy summer months!
No more out-of-stock surprises or double-booking frustrations!

Biggest network of partners

With a distribution management tool, you can create new business-to-business partnerships or connect new booking sources with only a few clicks!
Easily set up:
– your local partners
– a hotel’s web page
– a travel blogger’s recent post about you or the destination of your services
– local restaurants and bars with direct bookings from your partners

Sync your bookings and share the price-list of your water sports rentals

No more unnecessary calls and emails with partners and travel agencies when you can manage everything, get direct bookings with just a few clicks, and sync your B2B booking channels in real-time. You can have everything in order without tracking commissions, managing deals, and remembering all your different pricing plans. No more scattered papers around your office that can drive you crazy. No more missed water sports rentals, double bookings, or empty seats!

Stay ahead of the competition

Tracking your performance and trying to understand what you’re doing wrong and what works best for your business can bring you ahead of your competitors.
Reports can help you notice a loss in performance for a specific channel or that your water sports equipment is reaching a limit for an activity at a particular time of the season.


As a water sports rentals provider, you need to keep up with the latest digital trends. kleesto could help you grow your business! Feel free to discuss with our team and ask any questions that you may have about your website, your pricing plans, your booking operation, etc. Sign up for a 21-day free trial here!

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