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Booking Back Office

Efficiency at its Core - Kleesto's Booking Back Office

Effortlessly manage bookings with Kleesto's Booking Back Office. Modify, cancel, and track reservations all in one convenient platform.

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Key Features

Transform your Travel Biz with our Booking Back Office Solution

Managing bookings behind the scenes has never been easier with Kleesto’s Booking Back Office. Our feature-rich back office solution empowers you to handle reservations, modify bookings, manage cancellations, and maintain a comprehensive overview of your business’s schedule – all from one centralized platform.

  1. Ideal for Travel Agencies
  2. Ideal for Tour Operators
  3. Ideal for Transfer Companies
  4. Ideal for Sailing Companies
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Streamlined reservation management

Effortless Reservation Management with Kleesto's Back Office

Streamlined reservation management

Kleesto’s Booking Back Office takes the hassle out of reservation management. With a streamlined interface, you can easily handle bookings, modify reservations, and manage cancellations—all from a centralized platform. Keep track of your business’s schedule with precision and provide your customers with a smooth booking experience, enhancing their satisfaction.

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Automatic Inventory Updates

Stay Current with Automatic Inventory Updates

Automatic Inventory Updates

Say goodbye to the stress of manual updates. Kleesto’s Back Office offers automatic inventory updates, ensuring that your availability is always accurate and up-to-date. This feature not only saves you time but also minimizes the risk of overbooking. Keep your business running smoothly by providing customers with real-time availability information they can rely on.

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Customer Communication Tools

Effective Communication with Kleesto's Back Office

Customer Communication Tools

Communication is key to great customer service. Kleesto’s Back Office comes equipped with customer communication tools that allow you to keep customers informed every step of the way. From booking confirmations to reminders and notifications, you can maintain a strong rapport with your customers and provide them with a seamless experience.

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Booking Analytics and Reporting

Insights at Your Fingertips with Booking Analytics

Booking Analytics and Reporting

Make informed decisions with Kleesto’s Back Office booking analytics and reporting. Gain valuable insights into your business’s performance, booking trends, and customer preferences. These analytics empower you to refine your offerings, optimize operations, and strategize for growth. Unlock the power of data to enhance your business’s success.

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Customizable Access Levels for Staff

Control and Security with Customizable Staff Access Levels

Customizable Access Levels for Staff

Security and organization are paramount in your business. Kleesto’s Back Office allows you to assign customizable access levels to your staff members. This feature ensures that sensitive information is protected while granting the right level of access to perform their tasks. Maintain control and peace of mind while optimizing collaboration within your team.

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Your Questions, Answered

Explore our comprehensive FAQ section to find solutions to your queries about Booking Back Office Solution. We've created a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through the process of transforming your travel business with kleesto.

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What are the features of kleesto back office?

Here are some of the features of Kleesto’s back-office system:

  1. Resource administration: Kleesto’s system covers the management of tours, outdoor activities, experiences, fleet and equipment rentals, and transfer services in real-time.
  2. Marketing: Kleesto helps tour and activity providers, travel agents, DMCs, travel marketplaces, and tour operators around the world generate more sales by eliminating all of the tedious manual back-office workflows. With Kleesto’s focus on ease of use, fast performance tracking, and true real-time processes with synced payment, it becomes an indispensable partner for your business.
  3. Payment management: Kleesto’s Booking Workflow Automation System helps eliminate chaos from daily challenges and speed up online sales. The system allows for true real-time processes with synced payments.
  4. Third-party API support: The back-office program should allow teams to stay in touch and get work done faster. Kleesto supports third-party APIs and works well with other software programs.
  5. Easy to understand: Kleesto’s focus on ease of use makes it easy for users to understand and navigate the system.
  6. Workflow automation: Kleesto’s Booking Workflow Automation System helps eliminate tedious manual back-office workflows.

How can the Booking Back Office streamline my reservation management?

The Booking Back Office centralizes all your reservations, making it easy to modify bookings, handle cancellations, and access comprehensive scheduling information.

Does the Booking Back Office provide insights into my business performance?

Absolutely! Our Back Office provides analytics and reporting features to help you monitor your business’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

Can I grant different levels of access to my staff?

Yes, our Booking Back Office allows you to assign customized access levels to your staff members, ensuring data security and limiting access to sensitive information.

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