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We’re here to guide you through every step of your journey with Kleesto. Explore our extensive resources, find answers to your questions, and enhance your booking management experience.

Questions about Kleesto

Can Kleesto handle my growing business?

Absolutely! Kleesto is designed to scale your business. Our software can handle everything, whether you’re just starting out or managing hundreds of bookings daily. We’re here to support your growth, not limit it.

What if Kleesto doesn’t work for me?

We’re confident in our software but understand that every business is different. That’s why we offer a risk-free trial period. Give Kleesto a try; we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

Is Kleesto hard to use?

We understand that trying out a new software can seem intimidating, but we’ve designed Kleesto to be as user-friendly as possible. Plus, we provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure you’re comfortable using our software. It’s like having a friend guide you every step of the way.

How quickly can I get started with Kleesto?

We can’t wait for you to join the Kleesto family! Once you’ve decided to come on board, we’ll guide you through the setup process and have you up and running in no time.

What is kleesto?

kleesto is a cloud-based paperless boat charter booking manager software solution for yachting and sailing companies that want to grow digitally.

A secure, reliable and solid system that allows you to do business 24/7, administer your operations, and streamline your communications, payments and bookings.

Do you offer training and support?

We pride ourselves on excellent customer success & support services and all the pricing plans come with 24/7 email support, phone support and extensive onboarding training.

You have a choice of online training which can be recorded and sent to you as a resource to train the rest of your staff, or you can ask for extra live online training sessions for any additional members of your team and you can also choose the pace.

You also have access to your account manager via WhatsApp for real-time support when any topic of urgency emerges!

For more information please contact us at

Can I change pricing plans?

Yes, you can either upgrade, downgrade or cancel your pricing plan anytime.

Can I get any discounts on my subscription?

Yes, you get a 2-months FREE discount on all annual plans with upfront annual payments.

Are there any set up costs?

No, there are no set up costs involved. If you are interested in automating or speeding up your onboarding and data entry process, our team can cover the needs of this process. For more details feel free to contact us at

What are the credit card fees/payment processing rates?

kleesto takes credit card data security very seriously. For that reason, we use Stripe to securely handle credit card transactions and payments.

Learn more about Stripe practices.

FAQs about our Solutions

Is the Booking Engine mobile-friendly?

Absolutely! The Booking Engine is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that your customers can easily make bookings from their smartphones and tablets.

What are the features of kleesto’s booking engine?

  • Automation: Kleesto’s booking engine automates various back-office workflows, eliminating the need for manual tasks and saving time for tour operators and activity providers.
  • Real-time processes: The booking engine provides true real-time processes, allowing for immediate updates and synced payments.
  • Management and communication: Kleesto’s booking engine includes features that automate management and communication tasks, reducing the time spent on administrative work.
  • Online sales: The booking engine helps generate more sales by streamlining the online booking process and eliminating chaos from daily challenges.
  • Business intelligence: Kleesto’s booking engine is designed to help tour operators make better decisions and increase their business intelligence.
  • Payment management: The booking engine allows for easy organization and management of payments related to bookings, suppliers, and B2B partners.
  • Dashboard interface: Kleesto’s booking engine provides a user-friendly dashboard interface for managing reservations and bookings.

How does the Booking Engine work?

Our Booking Engine seamlessly integrates into your website, allowing customers to check availability, select services, and make reservations in real-time.

Can I customize the booking forms to match my brand?

Yes, our Booking Engine offers customizable booking forms, so you can maintain a consistent brand identity and user experience.

How can the Booking Back Office streamline my reservation management?

The Booking Back Office centralizes all your reservations, making it easy to modify bookings, handle cancellations, and access comprehensive scheduling information.

Can I grant different levels of access to my staff?

Yes, our Booking Back Office allows you to assign customized access levels to your staff members, ensuring data security and limiting access to sensitive information.

Does the Booking Back Office provide insights into my business performance?

Absolutely! Our Back Office provides analytics and reporting features to help you monitor your business’s performance and identify areas for improvement.

What are the features of kleesto back office?

Here are some of the features of Kleesto’s back-office system:

  1. Resource administration: Kleesto’s system covers the management of tours, outdoor activities, experiences, fleet and equipment rentals, and transfer services in real-time.
  2. Marketing: Kleesto helps tour and activity providers, travel agents, DMCs, travel marketplaces, and tour operators around the world generate more sales by eliminating all of the tedious manual back-office workflows. With Kleesto’s focus on ease of use, fast performance tracking, and true real-time processes with synced payment, it becomes an indispensable partner for your business.
  3. Payment management: Kleesto’s Booking Workflow Automation System helps eliminate chaos from daily challenges and speed up online sales. The system allows for true real-time processes with synced payments.
  4. Third-party API support: The back-office program should allow teams to stay in touch and get work done faster. Kleesto supports third-party APIs and works well with other software programs.
  5. Easy to understand: Kleesto’s focus on ease of use makes it easy for users to understand and navigate the system.
  6. Workflow automation: Kleesto’s Booking Workflow Automation System helps eliminate tedious manual back-office workflows.

How can the Channel Manager expand my business’s reach?

The Channel Manager connects your inventory with multiple online travel agencies and distribution channels, exposing your offerings to a broader audience.

Will I still have control over my inventory and availability?

Yes, you’ll retain full control over your inventory. The Channel Manager ensures real-time updates, minimizing the risk of overbooking.

Can I track bookings from different channels in one place?

Yes, our Channel Manager offers centralized reservation management, making it easy to track and manage bookings from various channels.

What aspects of my business operations can be streamlined with Operations / Execution solutions?

Our Operations tools cover resource allocation, itinerary management, task assignments, and activity tracking, simplifying day-to-day operations.

How can Operations / Execution solutions enhance my team’s efficiency?

By providing an organized and collaborative platform, our Operations solutions empower your team to work cohesively, minimizing delays and confusion.

Is the itinerary management feature flexible enough for dynamic schedules?

Absolutely! The itinerary management feature is designed to handle dynamic schedules, adapting to changes and updates in real time.

How does kleesto help tour operators optimize their daily operations?

Here are some ways Kleesto can help tour operators optimize their daily operations:

  1. Eliminate tedious manual back-office workflows: Kleesto’s booking management system helps tour operators generate more sales by eliminating all of the tedious manual back-office workflows.
  2. Automate management and communications: With Kleesto’s booking management system, tour operators can automate their management and communications, which takes away hours of time spent doing admin work.
  3. Real-time processes with synced payment information: Kleesto’s booking management system provides true real-time processes with synced payment information, making it easy to manage reservations efficiently from one portal.
  4. Advanced performance optimization: Kleesto has an advanced performance optimization feature that helps tour operators track their performance and optimize their workflows.
  5. Customer feedback platforms and review management: Kleesto facilitates integrations with customer feedback platforms, such as Tripadvisor and Google for reviews, which can help tour operators manage their customer feedback and reviews.
  6. Organize and automate booking management, resource administration, and communication operations: Kleesto is a tour operator software that helps tour operators organize and automate their booking management, resource administration, and communication operations.

How can Marketing Automation improve my marketing strategies?

Marketing Automation allow you to create personalized campaigns, gather feedback, and target specific customer segments, leading to higher engagement and conversions.

Can I integrate my social media accounts with Marketing Automations?

Yes, our Marketing Automations offer social media integrations, enabling you to leverage various platforms to reach and engage with your audience.

How can Marketing Automations help with customer retention?

By providing personalized offers and gathering feedback, Marketing Automations foster stronger customer relationships and encourage repeat bookings.

What are the features of kleesto’s marketing automation system?

Kleesto’s marketing automation system offers several features to help tour operators and travel businesses streamline their operations and boost their sales. These features include:

  1. Email Marketing & Customer Success Automations: Kleesto’s system allows you to automate your email campaigns and customer success workflows, making it easier to engage with your customers and drive conversions.
  2. Integration with Popular Marketplaces: Kleesto can integrate with popular marketplaces, allowing you to expand your reach and attract more customers.
  3. Advanced Performance Optimization: Kleesto’s system includes advanced performance optimization features that help you track your performance and optimize your workflows. This can help you identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance your marketing efforts.
  4. Booking Workflow Automation: Kleesto’s system helps automate your booking management and communication processes, saving you time and eliminating tedious manual tasks. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business and provide a seamless experience for your customers.
  5. Payment Management: Kleesto’s system allows you to organize and manage payments related to bookings, suppliers, and B2B partners. This helps streamline your financial processes and ensures smooth transactions

How secure are the online payments processed through your Payments solution?

Our Payments solution prioritizes data security and uses industry-standard encryption to safeguard transactions.

Can I generate and manage invoices using Payments / Accounting tools?

Yes, our Payments solution includes invoice generation and management features to simplify your billing process.

Are expense tracking and financial insights available with Payments / Accounting?

Yes, you can track expenses and gain valuable financial insights to make informed business decisions.

How does kleesto help with payment processing?

Kleesto helps with payment processing by offering a seamless and integrated solution within its booking management system. Here’s how Kleesto assists with payment processing:

  1. Credit card payments: Kleesto allows customers to make payments for bookings through the application using credit card. This provides a convenient and secure way for customers to complete their transactions.
  2. Real-time payment information: Kleesto offers true real-time booking processes with synced payment information. This means that payment details are updated instantly, allowing businesses to manage reservations efficiently from one portal.
  3. PCI compliance: Kleesto’s payment service processor is fully PCI compliant. PCI compliance ensures that customer credit card information is handled securely and in accordance with industry standards.
  4. Integrated payments and accounting: Kleesto provides integrated payments and accounting features. This allows businesses to streamline their financial processes by managing payments and accounting within the same system.

What aspects of my fleet can I manage with Fleet Management solutions?

Our Fleet Management solutions cover vehicle tracking, driver assignments, maintenance scheduling, and performance monitoring.

Is real-time tracking available for vehicles and drivers?

Yes, our Fleet Management solutions offer real-time tracking to ensure efficient operations and timely service delivery.

What are the features of kleesto fleet management?

Kleesto fleet management is a feature of Kleesto software designed to help tour operators, travel agents, DMCs, and travel marketplaces manage their fleet and vehicle availability. Some of the features of Kleesto fleet management include:

  • Fleet Management: Kleesto assists in organizing fleet and vehicle availability.
  • Equipment Management: Kleesto can manage equipment and equipment rentals.
  • Personnel Management: Kleesto can manage personnel and supplier availability.

Kleesto fleet management is part of the Kleesto booking management system that automates management and communication tasks, eliminating tedious manual back-office workflows. Kleesto’s focus is on ease-of-use and fast performance tracking, making it an indispensable partner for businesses in the travel industry.

How secure is the document storage provided by Kleesto?

Kleesto’s Document Management ensures data security with centralized storage, access control, and versioning features.

Is there a limit to the number of documents I can store?

We offer scalable storage options to accommodate your document management needs, so you can store documents efficiently.

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