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Kleesto’s Booking Software For A Kayak Company

If you are a kayak tour operator and struggle with time and resource management, don't worry! All you need is booking software for a kayak company. Like all the other water sports businesses, your kayak company has so much equipment and personnel to organize that you don't know where to start.But what if I told…

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booking software for a kayak company

If you are a kayak tour operator and struggle with time and resource management, don’t worry! All you need is booking software for a kayak company. Like all the other water sports businesses, your kayak company has so much equipment and personnel to organize that you don’t know where to start.

But what if I told you that there is a simple way to manage all your resources and make a more significant profit as well? With booking software for a kayak company, you can put all the messy paperwork aside and start organizing your business with online booking software.
We can’t deny that we live in a rapidly changing digital era. But what are the stats for travel businesses?
More than 148.3 people use the Internet to make reservations for their accommodations, tours, and activities (Statistic Brain).

If this is not enough to convince you to pay attention to your online presence, maybe you need to consider that Internet travel booking revenue has grown more than 73% over the past five years (Statistic Brain).
However, you might still wonder what a kayak company can do besides having booking software.
Keep reading, and you will discover eight tips to enhance your online presence and manage your tours efficiently. Before booking software for a kayak company, check these things:

Find the target market for your kayak company

Finding your target audience can be challenging, but it’s what distinguishes the professionals from the amateurs. First of all, you need to find out the market that will be your ideal client for your tours and activities. Then, you can easily define demographics like age, gender, income. Knowing these, you can proceed with psychographics (personality, attitudes, values) to tell you why these people prefer your kayak experience.
Once you know your target market, you will better understand how to promote your business online and offline. This way, you will feel much more confident about the experiences you provide and your marketing efforts, as you will know your clients better than your competition!

Develop a multi-platform presence

Each social media platform has its unique tone, audience, and challenges. But if you combine all these channels, you will have impressive results. According to surveys, 85% of customers expect businesses to be active on social media (Vocus).

Choose the right social media platforms

It’s better to focus on the social networks that your niche market mainly uses to reach the widest audience and generate the greatest return on investment (ROI).
Instagram, for example, really helps you with engagement, but Facebook is a social media giant.

Create unique content

36% of online travelers visit social networking sites to select their destination (World Travel Market London). So if you’re using your digital space appropriately, they will probably find you!
By creating amazing content, you increase your chances of getting your kayak company noticed by the travelers-customers. For example, you could use your Instagram page to attract them through photos of people having fun while kayaking in your destination.

User-generated content

Customers usually appreciate if your social media content is user-generated. Use real human beings. Photos from your tours, clients’ comments, or even live streaming on Instagram could increase your audience. It’s easy to search for your customers’ photos on Instagram as we live in an age that everyone is posting anything they do. This tactic builds a trust relationship between your business and the customers.

Publish a well-designed website

Your website will be one of the first things that your prospects will search. For this reason, you have to make sure it’s attractive, simple, and user-friendly. Don’t forget that your contact info and your tour details must be detailed and accessible. In addition, you should remove any distracting links or buttons as it gives off an amateur look and feel of the webpage. Kleesto, our booking software, offers you a monthly plan which includes a professional website designed to serve your needs.

Personalization is the key

Experiences tend to be more personalized, as they make customers feel more special. Consumers crave customized travel experiences. In such cases, technology is often the solution. A straightforward way a kayak company can achieve it is with:
– Vouchers / Personalized Promo Codes
A booking software gives you the ability to customize your pricing so that you can personalize any promo code or voucher anytime. Customers love the impression of exclusivity.
– Exclusive tours
Design a rare and unique tour, and you are the only kayak tour operator that provides it. Everyone will ask for it! You can even make it customized to your customers’ needs.

Start writing a blog

You can use a blog to allow tour operators to explain their experiences through storytelling and sharing news. For more engagement, you can add your blog to your website. Also, ask for customer testimonials and then write a story about them on your blog.

Collaborate with influencers

Social media so influenced 52% of travelers that they changed their original travel plans (Sprout Social). Collaborating with people with massive audiences can benefit your tour company. Travel bloggers are the ideal influencer you’d want, but lifestyle bloggers could match too.
However, it would be better to do some research to ensure that the partnership would be successful. And if you want to track partners’ performance, kleesto can help you with that too!
If you want to test the performance of your booking software for a kayak company like yours, add a piece of code on the travel blogger’s blog. Now you will know at any time how many bookings this partnership brought to your kayak company!

Combine travel products

Experiment with combining kayaking with something else that could be of interest to your clients. This strategy will provide a better experience to your customers and will make your company stand out. For example, you can add your tours or partners with other tour operators with the help of the booking software for a kayak company that Kleesto has and increase your partner channels fast.

What about data analysis?

The “Analytics Revolution” is currently changing how companies organize, operate, and create value in the travel industry. Each social media platform and your website provide you with statistics to check your performance. You can analyze this information and find out everything about your customers’ preferences. You can also track the performance of the “Book now” button on your website, and everything related to your business since our booking software offers you an overview in the analytics dashboard.


Online presence is beyond doubt the essential part of your business, whether your website or social media. As a tour operator, you have to do many things in one day, so why don’t you leave the distribution of your experiences to Kleesto and manage everything in an all-in-one solution?
Make automation your new best friend! Sign up for our 21-days FREE trial today!

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