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3 Guaranteed Ways to Better Manage Horseback Riding Lessons Like a PRO

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Managing a horseback riding center is a challenging task, and you are not to wonder why! Digital management of horseback riding lessons can be tricky but is a must-do in order to succeed in this new technological era. If you want to boost your online presence and speed up your operations, here are three of the benefits you gain by having some digital services in your management quiver:

1. Drive Online Bookings to your Horseback Riding Services

Your customers spend so much time every day online. But how much time do they spend looking for things or services to buy?

In regards to their online purchases, millennials are investing their money in adventure traveling. They are looking for easy-to-book services that can be found on review sites. However, before making a reservation, they want to make sure you are a reliable company.

And if they want to share their experiences with other people interested in your horse tours, your website will become the best communication platform for this.

The number of your potential clients will automatically be increased because you will be shown everywhere and people will find you easier. Don’t forget that if your competitors can be found online you should too! Otherwise, people will book a horse tour with them and not with you.

2. Activate your Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts will help you build a trustworthy relationship with your customers. They have the opportunity to share their doubts or opinions and you can respond in real-time and create conversations. This way, you’ll increase your engagement, which can lead to customer satisfaction.

Now that you know how to increase your brand awareness, we can start taking care of your whole online presence and operations management procedures, so you can grow your business digitally.

Horseback Riding Lessons Management with kleesto
3 Guaranteed Ways to Better Manage Horseback Riding Lessons Like a PRO 2 - kleesto

3. Digital Management of your Horseback Riding Lessons, Activities, & ServicesRiding Deeper!

Imagine a messed-up schedule. On top of that, imagine some of the visitors having to call to schedule a ride and finding out that there are no options available. This can cost a company’s reputation.

Free Yourself from the Boring Stuff

kleesto booking administration back-office is made to cover your business’s needs. You won’t have to work overtime anymore or worry if your customers find what they are looking for! By connecting with our dashboard, you reduce administration time with automated booking and communication flows. No stress and no headaches for you anymore! Now you can concentrate on upgrading the quality of your services, setting up more experiences for your visitors, building up new partnerships, and expanding your horseback riding center online.

Take Advantage of Advanced Resource Management Automations

Horseback riding lessons management requires equipment streamlined logistics and good personnel administration. With kleesto’s online booking software you obtain the management of your resources. You have everything under control just in a dashboard with harmony and safety. When reservations come up in the system they, already, have automatically connected with the horses, the equipment, and the personnel. Misunderstandings are a thing of the past!

Let’s now take a quick look at how you can organize safer horseback riding lessons and tours and maximize your revenues:

Find Good Instructors & Organize your Personnel

You choose your partners, they don’t choose you. A strong presence online and the show of desirability for your brand will make more and more people want to join your team. By hiring the most recognized tour guides you are seen as a trusted company, whose goal is to provide an excellent experience to its customers and not just to increase its revenues. Experienced instructors know how to lead people and create a safe environment for themselves and their children to enjoy the tour. Invite them to collaborate in your online booking system and they will love guiding for your lessons.

Quality over Quantity

Accompany your lessons with high-quality equipment and accidents will be a matter of the past. Accidents are most likely to happen when you increase the number of people in the sessions and the equipment is not sufficient to ensure safety for all of them. On the contrary, if you are assured that all the protective parts fit and are sufficient for all, in combination with the expert driver, then the chances of an accident occurring are close to zero.


Take advantage of all distribution channels that are connected to you with kleesto’s tour operator software and sign the best partnership deals for your business. Horseback riding lessons management needs proper organization and responsibility in order to overcome competition. Our team of experts is ready to make you smarter and organize everything in one place to help you scale your business.

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