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Searching on the web for a free website builder? Do you want to connect with travel agents and sell more tours? Well, you need a website with a listing page that provides your real-time inventory to everyone successfully.In this article, you will learn about:

  • The pillars that constitute an effective listing page
  • How to use kleesto’s free website builder to create travel products with ease
  • A few useful marketing tips to improve your booking page

Your listing page is an integral part of your wider distribution strategy. Both customers and partners rely on this page to get a good image of your travel company.Imagine you are a traveler looking at one marketplace after the other for your next travel experience. You don’t have much time and mediocrity is not your appetite. You want something that feels amazing and nurtures a sense of inspiration and excitement. Then you visit the web page of a specific tour operator. The moment a visitor lands at a web page aesthetics plays a vital part in whether the traveler will convert or not. How you list your activities is crucial.

What to include in your listing page:

Now, let’s walk through the process of creating a listing page.

1. Gallery (Images & videos)

High-quality images are the first thing people notice when chasing their next travel experience, and they are a great indicator of high conversion rates. A travel company without fascinating images resembles a birthday without a cake. There is something missing! Use them in your tours and enhance the senses of your travelers!

2. Tour description (Title & Paragraph)

The shortest description of your tour should be the title. It’s hard to describe the whole experience in a few words but you need to do your best. People should understand what your services are all about just by reading the title. Why? Because many of them will never even read anything else.Your main tour description is a dedicated paragraph about the experience you provide. Include all the attributes of your tour that are worth mentioning as it is an opportunity to delve deeper into your customer’s mind. In the end, create a smooth overview of the experience along with its most important elements. Try to answer some of your customers’ questions:

  • Where do we meet?
  • Will we stop to enjoy a breathtaking view?
  • Are there any cultural sights nearby?

3. Pricing Details

You need to inform your audience about differences in the pricing of tours. For example, usually, there is a distinction between adults and children. Moreover, it’s a widely used practice for tour operators to offer discounts for specific groups of people like students. With kleesto’s free website builder and back-end system you will be able to define your own pricing strategy depending on your customers’ requirements.

4. Additional equipment & services

Travelers should be able to identify exactly what are the additional items or services included on your tours. If you offer food, describe what kind of food it will be and when it is served. Is it breakfast, lunch, or just a snack? Are there special dishes for vegans and vegetarians? Let them know!

5. Cancellation policy

Never forget about the cancellation policy in your tour information. It can make people feel safe to book your activities and you also look more professional.

6. Other restrictions

Some activities are limited by a maximum capacity that is easy to be reached. Moreover, some tours have age restrictions which means they are not family-friendly. Partners and customers should be aware of this type of restrictions before problems begin to knock at your door.

7. Proposals and Tips

It is your duty to prepare your customers for the experience. You are the one who needs to tell them about the most suitable outfit for your tours or how they can protect themselves from the bad weather. Provide guidance to your travelers!Now, you know the fundamental elements that constitute an appropriate product listing for your tours and activities. What comes next? As I promised, I will tell you how it feels to create a travel product with kleesto’s free website builder!

How to Create a Travel Product with kleesto’s Free Website Builder

In the following image, you can see how is to be in the first step of creating your listing page. We did the work for you and built a flow that incorporates all the needed features in your website.

As you see, kleesto’s free website builder is designed to provide you a listing page that contains all the fundamental elements that we mentioned earlier. The steps are the following ones:

  1. General info (main activity structure)
  2. Content (activity details)
  3. Resources (connected resources and personnel)
  4. Schedules & pricing details
  5. Policy details
  6. Partners (connect channels)
  7. Review (finalize your activity)

It is really that easy! The only action required from you is to open your dashboard and fill in the content.By following these 7 simple steps, your booking website will be ready and optimized.

Discover 4 useful marketing tips

Marketing Tip #1

While creating content, keep in mind your buyer’s persona and write like you are talking directly to them. Being focused on your ideal customer is one of those small actions that drive results. Stay focused on why someone would book your travel products. Where is the value?

Marketing Tip #2

Your visual content should be part of a wider storytelling strategy which unfolds in your website. If you offer a hiking tour, make sure your tour gallery contains breathtaking images of mountains and hiking trails which can enhance your customer’s senses. Then, describe the images in your paragraph. Balance your written and visual content harmoniously and leave an impression in your customer’s mind.Remember, if you can make them dream, you can make them buy.

Marketing Tip #3

Never forget to measure and optimize your content, both visual and written. Every 6-8 weeks, take a breath and step back to overview what happened in your travel business. Ask yourself:

  • Did people read my product description?
  • Did they book more tours?
  • What about travel agents, did my distribution network grow?
  • Should I change images and writing style?

Marketing Tip #4

Expose yourself!Feel confident to unveil your face and your team in public. People love knowing their tour-guides and who are the people behind a website. It is much more likely to trust your travel company when you all expose yourselves. Therefore, along with the ethereal hiking trails, bring out some of these cool photos in which you have fun with your team.Did you find this article informative? Are there any questions left unanswered? Let us know in the comments!Kleesto is an advanced software for tour operators that want to scale their businesses and become competitive in the digital world.Adapt to the new era of tourism and see your business grow. Our team is ready to assist you on the journey!

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