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We all love rafting! It is a fun group activity that helps you bond with your family or friends. But the best part is the adrenaline rush that you’re feeling when you are crossing the river! Now, imagine: travelers crossing the river on the boat after they’ve booked a tour through your rafting booking software. Without rafting booking software, you’re stressed every time a tour is overbooked. And you don’t want that, do you?

Upgrade your rafting bookings

You want to enjoy rafting all while being safe. Your safety depends on wearing your life jacket and avoiding all the rocks in the river. In the same way, it is better to prevent overbooking and misunderstandings during a busy day of the summer season. Overbooking and misunderstandings can lead to disasters and unhappy customers. Here your life jacket is Kleesto’s rafting booking software!

Kleesto’s synchronized rafting booking software

It is challenging to synchronize equipment and personnel with tours and activities, and if you want to do it manually, think again because it may be very time-consuming. Why is synchronizing important? Because a rafting team needs to know that everything is ready before the adventure begins.

Here’s what you should check:


life jackets



rafting boats


rafting guides

At any given time, you should know if you have enough resources for the next tour and if everything is in its place. For this reason, our team has set up the perfect resource management system for your travel company. Kleesto’s rafting booking software helps you synchronize your activities with your equipment and personnel in real-time & across all your channels. Kleesto will do the hard work for you!

Boost your online presence

Nowadays, we all want to find what we’re looking for in a few seconds. Same with your customers and partners. That’s why it’s essential to have:
A professional website to promote your travel products
An optimized listing page to distribute your product to travel agents and partners
A booking software to automate everything

Are you worrying that improving your online presence will be time-consuming? Now you can create your travel products in less than an hour. With modern technology, there are no limits!
Even after taking all these steps, your online presence isn’t whole without the right analytics.

Analytics for better decisions

To solve issues effectively, you should ask yourself some questions: how much money do you generate from each activity? What is the number of your monthly sales? Which one of your partners is the most profitable?

Don’t know where to start? First, take control of your business and become more competent with Kleesto’s advanced analytics system. Then, Kleesto offers you the chance to overview your performance constantly and make better decisions.

Protect your reputation

Rafting is a sport that requires a lot of effort to be organized well. People have big expectations for this “once in a lifetime” experience, and if anything goes wrong, it can ruin their dreams! Therefore, you should be ready to overcome every obstacle that might appear. Otherwise, the whole team will face the consequences, such as negative reviews on your website.

Be careful: travelers are not easily satisfied these days. So everything should work perfectly to gain 5-star reviews, increase reputation, and turn your customers into loyal ones. It’s a win-win scenario for you, too, because the whole business environment is more peaceful and healthy when you complete all the administrative tasks successfully.


Kleesto is an online platform that can optimize your performance so you can manage your business efficiently and without stress. Imagine being successful while having the time to watch your favorite series on Netflix or spend more time with your family. Isn’t that great? For this reason, we built Kleesto to help your company reach new levels. Start your free 21- day trial today!

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