Business management for Tour Operators

Real-time Online Bookings

Get instant bookings on your tours and activities with our end to end online booking solution for your website. Never worry about handling your online booking schedules and availability!

Easily create, overview and manage your travel products

Create your tour and activity listing only once at lightning speed! Manage everything about your tour details and start selling everywhere!

Enhance your Business Intelligence

Kleesto is designed to make you smarter. Track reports about your performance and use the insights to amplify your business growth.

Close new deals in a Snap

Improve your deal management workflow and operations. Strategically plan your next steps, create new business to business partnerships or unlock unlimited distribution channels!

Boost your online presence with a dedicated website

All the information and booking operations that your customers or partners need for the perfect booking flow!
Distribute, resell and cross-sell your activities with your partners such as inbound tour operators, online travel agencies, Destination Management Companies, and online affiliates! A unique website is provided for you to easily increase your online presence.

Track and allocate your Resources efficiently

Keep your inventory, vehicles and personnel up-to-date on all your channels and assign your resources to activities in order to be sure that you are able to satisfy even the highest workloads. Work efficiently and know when to scale.

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